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What feeds your fire? 

Spirit. Collective conscious. Community. 

Whether you find yourself focusing on your practice, your work or your relationships, YOU are the active ingredient in all that you journey through. 

Several years back, I found myself in the absence of community: A stark contrast to the beacon of smiles that sparked my initial curiosity with the world of yoga. Eager to provide a platform for collective practice, relationship building and community, Community Yoga School found its way to the Bay Area. 

Today, we offer classes, workshops and retreats committed to affordability, self-care and multi-modal approaches to spirituality and health. 

Ready to build a community of support? 

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Hot Springs | Ayurvedic Flow Workshops | Sierra Hiking





June 15th-17th 2018

Retreat into Tahoe's Eastern Sierra pine flats to soak in the energy of the summer solstice. This retreat is intended for those looking to re-energize, re-balance and restore. Our weekend together will provide an opportunity for ritualized self-care through yoga, spring water and a healthy dose of time under the sun.

Only two queen rooms left! Grab one today.