Manifest Light: Accommodations


Female Dorm

Whether you are coming with a group of friends or looking to build community on retreat, the female dorm space provides a cozy nook for womxn to commune for a weekend together. This cozy space is limited to five females. 



Take in the vistas of ponderosa pines, herds of bovine and meadow landscapes amid a bed of starlight. Camping will provide you with access to forest shade, a freshwater stream and moon-lit baths at your finger tips.


Queen Rooms

Whether you are coming as a couple, group of two or on your own, the queen rooms provide the ultimate escape for solitude and spaciousness throughout your time at Sierraville. A queen + bunk room is available for a group of 3-4.

All guests can enjoy common spaces throughout the lodge, in the baths and on decks overlooking the meadow.

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All accommodations are within walking distance of the onsite hot springs, yoga workshops, meals and body work sessions.

Queen rooms and dorms are located on the grounds of the cozy Sierraville Lodge on a first-come first serve basis. Additional accommodations are available in town at Sierraville’s Globe Hotel.