a container to manifest the fire within

Summer is the season for transformation.

It stokes our inner fire.

Feeling inspired to share your gifts with the world?

Call in the summer solstice among the high Sierra pine flats of Tahoe National Forest.  

Channel pitta’s summer season and the fluid quality of water to manifest the outward expression of the ideas and thoughts you've been cultivating throughout winter and spring.

This retreat calls on the ancient practices of Ayurvedic-infused yoga, seasonally selected herbs and the healing waters of Sierraville's hot springs to manifest light as you make your way into the season of personal expansion.

In the Ayurvedic tradition, the pitta or summer season is one of personal power ignited by fueling the fires within our core to light the path for our heart’s callings. It is the season where we not only imagine transformation but harness the power and drive to enact it. 

Whether you are seeking acute or general life changes, you will come away with holistic practices from the Ayurvedic, Western Herbal and yogic modalities to support and direct your path toward transformation. 

Our Weekend Includes:

  • Opening tea with seasonally harvested blends

  • Two two-hour Ayurvedic Flow yoga workshops to start off each morning

  • Two two-hour yin & restorative yoga workshops with hot stones

  • Herbal integration through aromatherapy, abhyanga and tisanes

  • Thai-massage-based assists throughout all movement practices

  • Six local, organic meals prepared by on-site chefs (dietary needs accommodated upon request)

  • Ayurvedic self-care for skin workshop with Sierra-native plants

  • Handcrafted seasonal teas and tonics to be enjoyed throughout the weekend

  • Nourishing farm-to-table fruit and pitta-balancing snacks

  • Time to unwind and refresh in Sierraville's hot springs and cold plunges across the property

  • Hiking trails throughout the Sierra pine forests

  • Bodywork & massage available on-site (book treatments here)

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 You’ll Cultivate

Meditation practices and tools to integrate yoga-based movement into a home practice

Knowledge of Sierra herbs and their medicinal applications

Ayurvedic knowledge to balance the season of summer through yoga, diet and lifestyle

A renewed connection to the elements of earth and water amid the Sierra landscape

A spirited community of yogis & yoginis on our intimate retreat

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  • Camping: .....................................................................$605

  • Shared Dorm Room (5 womxn): .............................$725

  • Private Queen (shared): .............................................$650

  • Private Queen (one person):.....................................$805

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Ready to Retreat?

Join Leigh for a weekend of soaks, herbs and intention setting to manifest light.


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What students are saying…

“Leigh is undoubtedly the best yoga teacher I've ever had. I was fortunate to be part of her yoga retreat near Lake Tahoe. It was well-planned and thoughtfully complemented with just the perfect music, tea, poems and essential oils. Her voice is calming and grounding. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. I feel fueled relaxed and re-energized afterwards. It also gave me a great opportunity to let out my buried thoughts and emotions and sort things out in a new light. Thank you, Leigh” -Luna

“The energetic space that Leigh created upon arrival lasted throughout the entire retreat. Everything about the retreat from the yoga practice to the meditation to the meals felt like it flowed naturally. She implemented a sense of ritual that felt so needed and sweet but allowed for space and movement to accommodate the individual. The practice itself was decadent, spacious, and paired perfectly with the beautiful landscape that surrounded us during our retreat. The yin and restorative practice allowed me to sink deeply into my body and release my mind in a way that I am not usually able to do in a class setting. Throughout this retreat, I felt held and taken care of in a way that I have never felt before.” -Alessandra

“Leigh's attentiveness to her students in unparalleled. This retreat provided us a chance to unwind, deepen our yoga practices and find community in a supportive and beautiful environment. From the thoughtful flows and mindful meditations to an herbal workshop and hot springs soaks, this retreat was truly a highlight of my month if not 2018. Thank you for everything Leigh. Can't wait for the next one.” -Erin

“This retreat was my fourth with four different instructors and this one was the best. Of course, there is the wonderful energy of Leigh, but two other aspects stand out: Leigh lead two hour sessions that weaved meditation into the session without being meditation. Second, was Leigh's use of essential oils that added an amazing smell experience to the sessions. Magical weekend. Looking forward to the next retreat with Leigh.” -Kurt