Alex & Leigh


It all started when...

Alex and Leigh were introduced by a mutual close friend. Both were teaching yoga in the Bay Area at the time and had a glowing passion for infusing their classes with focuses on alignment, personalization and deep commitment to community. 

Together the two birthed the San Francisco's Therapeutic Yin Yoga Series: A  monthly yin yoga workshop series with essential oils and aromatherapy that journeys through the body's systems. In 2017, the workshop series expanded to Cupertino for the year. 

This year, Alex and Leigh created Yintegrate: A flow and yin workshop dedicated to exploring the body's systems through a balance of movement and stillness. 

Alex and Leigh pride themselves on their commitment to cultivating self-care practices that promote preventative health through movement, touch, plants and herbs. 

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With Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Alex & Leigh