Meet Leigh

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Hi Beautiful Beings,

Feeling called to manifest some light?

I am a Marin native who fell in love with the art of self-care as a modality for transforming my ability to be present in my relationships while running a business and working with communities experiencing toxic stress. My commitment to self-care came out of a period of poor eating, chronic caffeine addiction and an ultimate illness of six months that could have been avoided with a healthy immune system and a little more self-love. 

This period in my life provided a much needed wake up call to the importance of showing up for myself. 

These days, I am an E-RYT 500 teacher focusing on vinyasa, restorative and yin yoga practices. Several years back, my work took me to Fiji to develop a yoga program for a premiering five star resort. Today, I channel my creativity into designing monthly workshops infused with asana, herbalism and Ayurvedic perspectives on body systems. 

I provide a multi-modality approach in all that I do, so that students can hand-pick the pieces of practice that are easily adoptable to their lives. 

Retreat is a practice that I began exploring as an opportunity for recharge in my work. Retreat provides the opportunity to eat cleanly, slow down, build community, move with intention and rejuvenate the body with mineral-rich waters, healing herbs and hydrating oils. 

Manifest Light is close to my heart, as it provides an incredibly rich platform for restoration and hand crafted take-homes to continue on a path of transforming whatever it is your life needs. Fill out a contact form to reserve your spot now.

May your journey be filled with lightness.