Yintegrate Calm: March 31st Workshop

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handstand hero pic.jpg

Yintegrate Calm: March 31st Workshop


Yintigrate Calm: March 31st 2018

9:00-10:30am @ The Center SF

  • Body system focus - nervous system
  • Asana (bodywork) - targets fight of flight muscle groups in the body, mainly the quadriceps as well as chest openers, connecting the body's increased vulnerability and fearlessness with the calming of the nervous system. The asana portion of this class will explore a trauma-informed approach to movement. 
  • Meditation - infinit hand mudra meditation
  • Pranayama (breathing) - 3 part yogic breath (belly breathing) proven to better oxygenate cells and decrease symptoms of stress and anxiety. 
  • Oil essence - therapeutic grade essential oils to eliminate stress, reduce insomnia, reduce high blood pressure and bring a sense of peace into the body. 
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