Yintegrate Fluidity: March 3rd Workshop

dancer warrrior pic.jpg
dancer warrrior pic.jpg

Yintegrate Fluidity: March 3rd Workshop


Yintigrate Fluidity: March 3rd 2018

9:00-10:30am @ The Center SF

  • Body system focus - excretory system
  • Asana (bodywork) - twist and twist some more. This class will dive deeply into a variety of twisting yin postures to build the heat necessary to eliminate through sweat and the depth needed to aid digestion. 
  • Meditation - spaciousness meditation to promote abundance and the ability to let go.
  • Pranayama (breathing) - breath of fire, a rapid, heat-producing breath that detoxifies your body leaving your cells feelings awakened and refreshed. 
  • Oil essence - therapeutic grade essential oils to support detoxification of harmful environmental pathogens and internal infections/ parasites.
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